Drums, the rhythm of life.

Sau Chow has been playing drums since age of 14.  In his early years he basically studied and played classic and heavy rock, which was where his early passions lie.

In 1992 he won the coveted prize of Best Drummer at the Carlsberg Music Festival (now known as Yamaha Asian Beat Band Competition) in Hong Kong, before a panel of celebrities and respected music industry professionals.

In 1997 he enrolled in the renowned Musicians Institute’s Percussion Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, California, where he studied in all aspects of drumming. Mastering all music styles through private tuition with Maria Martinez and Ralph Razze, after which he attained Journeyman Certificate and Professional Certificate.  In 2008, he went to New York to receive private lessons with celebrated drummers Kim Plainfield and Fred Klatz at The Drummers Collective.

Recordings he has involved in include “Are we born to suffer?” Azylum (Hong Kong • 1995), “Hope” Jung-wook Song (South Korea •1997), “Side 1”Goki Hashimoto (Japan • 2002)and the trailer jingle of the movie “AV” by Hong Kong director Pang Ho-cheung.

Sau has also worked with a number of musicians including Kubert Leung, Candy Lo, Eddie King, Joey Tang, Season Lee, Jung-wook Song (South Korea) and Goki Hashimoto (Japan).

He has been appointed as the examiner for the Yamaha Drum Graded Examination since 2008.  He has also been invited to judge at the Warehouse Youth Band Competition and SoundBase Acoustic Band Competition.

​Sau the Drummer

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